PTCOG Invitation Letter

PTCOG Invitation Letter

Dear PTCOG Friends,

On behalf of the PTCOG Executive Committee I would like to invite you to participate in the first-of-its‘-kind, PTCOG online event on September 13-14, 2020. 

The COVID-19 outbreak has led all of us to readjust our habits and expectations, as our heros in the healthcare system work to manage the situation and secure a cure.  One constant is that our Cancer patients continue to require the advantages that the Particle Therapy modality can bring and our centers have remained open and treating patients.  Together with this, it remains important for our community to stay in touch, share information about our work and to keep up-to-date with new techniques and possibilities.  After multiple attempts to keep PTCOG 59 in 2020, as you know we have postponed it to 2021, still in Taiwan.  However, given the inescapable need for Particle Therapy continuity and what we have learned about the capabilities of online conferencing and communication, we have decided to organize a PTCOG online meeting this year, in September. 

An online meeting of this sort will provide the capability to hear and see the recent abstracts submited for PTCOG and exceptional invited speakers, so there will be no loss of current relevance.  It will enable the communication and cross fertilization for which our PTCOG meetings are so important. And it will enable interaction with vendors.  We will have oral presentation as well as various forms of poster displays and presentations.  We will be using a specialized conferencing software, but also have the capability to set up private Zoom rooms as needed, for example, for Subcommittee meetings.

Events such as the Gala Dinner, Steering Committee meetings, Elections, will be postponed to 2021, but we will maintain project funding awards in this year, to better enable important work to continue, even during these challenging times (the deadline has been extended).  Given the nature of the organization and personnel needed to set up such an event, but wanting to maximize the attendance, we have set a very low registration fee.  All conference proceedings will be available to registered attendees for an extended period following the meeting allowing you to benefit from all session tracks and ongoing discussion forums. 

Jay Flanz

PTCOG President